25 May 2016


Belgian Fog is the appellation used by Seattle resident Robert Dale. The man himself has been causing quite a stir within his locality due to the whimsical streams of dream-pop and folky undertones that surround his work; recent release "One Night Man", is a venture that stays true the Belgian Fog ways and to the cutesy sounds of previous efforts.

From what we can gather, it seems Mr Dale is wearing the metaphorical heart on the aural sleeve as he confesses to his softer musings. Is this modern renegade someone who breaks hearts in the midnight hours or someone who lusts after more when the sun rises and the need for coffee kicks in? Whatever the case this quintessentially hazy affair of furtive beats, tropical synth echoes and candied harmonies is a beautiful window into the psyche of the singer at hand. Like Gypsy And The Cat or Tom Redwood with sincerity at its inner core, this folk-tronic pop nugget of lovely tinkles and charming keys is the perfect track to amble along the pavement to in the summer heat and reveals Belgian Fog's gentler side.

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